History and Turkish sword types

Turkish swords were respected and treated with special attention by the Turks. Swords symbolize strength, power, courage, protection, and authority.

Let’s start with the most characteristic Turkish swords. Precisely these swords have gone down in history and helped the Turks rise and become strengthened. Turkish swords have influenced the world and changed it.

turkish sword types


One of the mythical Turkish swords of the Ottoman Empire.

Kilij has a specific kind of blade and powerful sharp impact. The design of the Turkish swords made it possible to deliver effective chopping blows, but it is not well adapted for injections. Kilij has become widespread in Eastern Europe and introduced to all Middle East cultures.

Often at the top, the blade of the kilij has an Elman – an expanded part with a straight blade. It could have a sharpening on both sides.

The sword which was found by Turkic tribes was a bit heavy.

As we know, the Turkish kilij is the most formidable weapon from Asian khans if it is in the hands of a good user, and if you can use the sword closely.


Yatagan swords of Turkey 14th / 15th century AD

Yatagan’s form can not be called unique among Turkish swords, as mainly other swords likewise have a concave blade with a sharpening, but only Yatagan’s blade does not expand to the tip but retains the same width.

In the past, the Yatagan was a knife, but not in any way a sword. And then, after some time, it began to be produced in a large size, as contemporary swords.

The Yatagan sword perfectly presents its cutting power. Even in a tough fight, when applying a chopping blow, the Yatagan won’t break out of your hand. Thanks to the shape of the handle.

Yatagan is an Ottoman sword.


Shamshir sword is like a lion’s tail

Shamshir is an outward-curved sword that thins and sharpens from base to tip. It is a fully cutting weapon, in which the tip is useless due to the strong curvature. Mainly, it was used for defense. It is one of the rare swords.

The strongly curved blade allows you to make a powerful passing blow. There is nothing left for you to do.

Just swing the sword and then the blade will do everything on its own, cut clothes, then the flesh of an enemy.

It can be called one of the best Turkish swords in Central Asia, but Shamshir was extremely useless in a battle against a man in armor.

turkish sword types 2

Palash is an Ottoman sword

Palash is an Islamic Ottoman cavalry sword. It was used by naval soldiers. The Palash swords are fully described in the professional references as the swords of the Ottoman period. The sword of the 19th century was slightly shorter with a broad blade.

turkish sword types 12

The term “Palash” is closely related to the Turks. This one of the Turkish swords is the best example of swords’ evolution. Speaking of early Palash, usually they mean weapons of the 16th century, but they existed until the 19th century in an almost unchanged form.

It was wide, short, and slightly curved forward, so it was really good for close combat.

turkish sword types 3

Karabela sword with an eagle head

As some people think, the compound word “Kara-bela” comes from Turkish origin, which means “black curse“. Sabers of this type appeared after the Janisaries’ swords, with which the Turkish heavy cavalry and Turks were armed, especially for close combat.

The design of the Karabela swords made it easy to deliver both circular slash blows on foot and swinging blows when used in mounted combat.

Poles loved this weapon very much. The saber “karabela”, which was also called the “eagle saber”, began to gain popularity thanks to Poles and became their official sword form.

turkish sword types 4

Gaddare is a sword that is held with two wires

Gaddare is a short, curved outward, and very sharp sword, which was waved in a circular motion over the head during the attack. The blade causes great damage to the enemy.

turkish sword types 11

That sword focuses on delivering one powerful blow.

Gaddare strongly differs from other Turkish swords. It had to be controlled with two hands due to its weight. It could be counted as a less effective weapon, but it was extremely sharp. However, it was well-used for the elimination of the frontage of spear soldiers.

turkish sword types 5

Damascus sword

The most important feature is that those swords are made from Damascus steel.

A great impression in Europewas made by those swords, which were used in battles, namely the Crusades. All and one were speaking about one of the Turkish swords after returning to their countries. It was accepted by Europeans due to military admiration of the Turks.

Loads of legends were composed about Damascus swords, and one of them tells about the strongest armor, the opponent’s sword, when even a silk handkerchief left on the sword can be cut through with this sword.

turkish sword types 6

Mamluk is one of the oldest sword designs

The sword’s name comes from Mamluk warriors who ruled Egypt. Mamluk sword has a slightly curved blade. The curved saber was originally from Central Asia and then roamed to the Middle East, Europe, India, and North Africa.

turkish sword types 9

After migration, the sword shapes and characteristics were developed, which subsequently led to the appearance of Ottoman Kilij.

It is a sword which is considered the oldest design of sword making. It can be easily defined from other swords. The design of the Mamluk sword belongs to Turkish Islamic culture.

turkish sword types 10

Dagger is one of the Turkish swords with a very sharp impact

Dagger is a fighting knife with a wide, sharp area, well-used for both a cutter and hand-to-hand combat.

It is in the form of a sharp, short blade, sharpened on one or two sides.

Turkish daggers were very common throughout the country, so many fighting techniques were invented to focus on cutting format, and outspread impact energy.

Ancient Turks used it during the war to beat the enemy in hand-to-hand combat. Turkish daggers carried were around 35-40 cm long.

turkish sword types 8


What is a Turkish sword called?

A Kilij (from Turkish Kilic, which is literally a “sword”).

What are the Turkish sword styles?

Turkish swords styles listed below are Kilij, Yatagan, Shamshir, Karabela, Palash, Gaddare, Dimiski, Mamluk, and Dagger.

What is the best Turkish sword?

The best Turkish sword is Kilij. Even a katana can’t compare with its sharpness.

What is a Turkish dagger called?

Khanjar is a traditional dagger.

In conclusion

We should always remember: “The pen is mightier than the swords“.

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