Various methods how to sharpen kukri knife

Kukri is a versatile tool with a curved smooth blade and can also be used for hunting, camping, and everyday use. You can use this knife to chop wood, clear paths, and tree branches, and chop food.

If you want to maintain and sharpen kukri knives and return your blades to glory, there are various methods.

Various methods how to sharpen kukri knife2

Chakmak as a sharpener

Kukris knives may have on their backs two small ones: the first one is tiny called Karda, which has a sharp edge and is used as a paper knife, and the second one is Chakmak, which has dull edges for sharpening.

To sharpen hold the knife firmly in a vertical way. The tip should face toward the floor.

how to sharpen kukri2

Hold the Chakmak facing against the blade’s edge at around 40-45° and lightly scrub it down in a rhythmic way from the notch toward the tip.

Flip it over the same way. It comes in handy in camping and hunting.

Chakmak as a sharpener

Rada cutlery

Rada’s dual wheels are made from specially hardened steel. Simply grip the base with one hand and take a knife blade through the wheels four to six times with the other hand.

With slight pressure and round action, you will have a sharpened knife.

Rada cutlery

Stone methods for sharpening

Sharpening stones might be an ideal sharpening method. Put the blade on the flat surface of the stone so that it’s perpendicular to the stone.

Do it at about a 45° angle right on the stone and hold your blade at about 10° so put it flat on the ground and lift it slightly.

Take a couple of careful strokes with a push-and-pull method it’s a forward and back motion. If it’s a puck, use the smaller angled surface.

Stone methods for sharpening

Using honing steel

Sharpening steel and honing steel are both the same tools. Hold the handle of the honing steel and put the tip straight down onto a wooden surface.

Draw the knife down the full length of it while using light force and pulling across the full length of the knife blade, until the tip of the knife and the tip of the honing steel meet.

Using honing steel

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Frequently asked questions

What angle do you sharpen kukri?

Typical angles are 35° and 40°. If you use a whetstone, you must estimate the angle. If you are using an electric item for sharpening, the angle is set for you.
If you have a medium metal file, sharpen it in an angular position (45-60°).

Can you sharpen a kukri with a whetstone?

Yes, you can. There are various methods for sharpening blades and a whetstone is one of these tools. However, sharpening its shape on a traditional whetstone can make it laborious, so use flexible sandpaper for getting a sharpened edge.

Are kukri knives sharp?

Normally kukri knives are sharp but they can be delivered unsharpened. In this case, use a fine-to-metal file and rub it back and forward to gain sharpness. Ensure an inferior angle on the heavier end and a steeper angle on the concave part of the kukri.

Why does a kukri have two small knives?

The blunt one is used for starting a fire with a flint and the sharp one is a general-purpose knife.

how to sharpen kukri

Final thoughts

You can use various methods and tools for sharpening your kukri blade. However, don’t forget to maintain the knife from rusting. Clean the blades using a cloth and kerosene to remove rust and keep it on the sheath while not used.

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