Can you burn off galvanized metal items?

Can you burn off galvanized? Galvanizing is a process for improving the quality of a metal. Applying a protective zinc coating over steel or iron helps to prevent rapid metal corrosion.

But is it safe to use galvanized metal objects in everyday life? Is it possible to burn off galvanized coating? Can you use galvanized metal to make a fire pit? What galvanized metal is best for a fire pit?

You’ll find answers to these and other questions in this article. Keep reading to know all the information you need on this topic.

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Galvanizing using and advantages

Household items such as buckets, pipes, and tubs, and larger structures for street furniture, like balconies, and ladders are subject to galvanization.

A particularly common method of galvanizing is hot-dip galvanizing, i.e. applying a zinc coating to various parts by immersing them in a container with hot molten zinc.

Hot-dip galvanized steel can last for years if not decades. And galvanized steel objects, if you additionally paint them, will not only find their place in any yard, and add beauty to its every corner but will also become long-lasting objects of admiration.

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Can you burn off a galvanized coating?

Rustless zinc coating serves long both during indoor and outdoor use as withstands any weather conditions, temperature changes, or precipitation, and keeps a great look. And only under the influence of high temperatures, zinc coating begin to melt releasing toxic fumes of dangerous chemicals.

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Thus, you have a risk of harming your health by inhaling the poisonous fumes of zinc oxide and lead carbonate. Headache, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, and tremors are the first signs of poisoning by toxic vapors.

Therefore, first of all, take care of your safety before using galvanized fire pits inside. For example, open windows to provide a well-ventilated area and only then make a fire.

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At what temp does galvanizing burn off?

Galvanized metal coating can withstand heat of 420°C ( 788°F).

And what is the temperature of a fire pit? It depends on some factors: fire size, amount of oxygen, and fuel type.

Let’s imagine you’ve made a medium-sized wood-burning fire pit.

As wood burns great, and access to oxygen is continuous, the temperature of the fire becomes high too fast. So, at its hottest point, the temperature of the fire pit can reach 538°C (1,000°F) or more.

Thus, you can’t avoid the release of harmful vapors as galvanized metals heat immediately, and zinc melts accordingly. However, if you are outside, it is quite safe as the harmful vapors simply dissipate into the air. If you are inside, don’t forget about ventilation and everything will be fine.

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Is it safe to burn galvanized metal?

Burning galvanized metal can be dangerous inside a non-ventilated area. Plus, it’s not recommended to cook or heat food on a galvanized fire pit.

The problem is not in metal. Galvanized metal, not depending on whether it is iron or steel, doesn’t melt at burning temperature. The problem is in the zinc coating that melts fast at high temperatures releasing toxic vapors.

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Does it apply to all types of galvanized metals? Yes, it doesn’t matter what metal your fire pit is made of. Galvanized steel is as dangerous as galvanized iron. The main threat is the galvanized coatings themselves.

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Can I use galvanized steel for a fire pit?

You shouldn’t use a galvanized steel fire pit indoor poorly ventilated rooms. And this is the only condition. In other cases galvanized steel use is possible.

You can warm yourself near a galvanized steel fire pit, sit in the family circle, and enjoy the evening watching the amazing dances of fiery flames.

But think carefully if you are ready to cook or heat food over a galvanized coated fire pit as galvanized steel toxic vapors can soak your food.

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Galvanized steel pipes

Galvanized steel piping replaced formerly widely used cast iron. Galvanized steel pipes are much lighter but very durable as they don’t rust outside. Thus, the lifespan of galvanized steel piping is 20-50 years for sure.

As for the use of galvanized steel pipes for a fire pit? Sometimes people use galvanized steel pipes as a barbecue grill by inserting them inside a bucket or tub. Yes, such a fire pit is easy to make with a few simple tools at home. But we advise you to think carefully whether the harm will be greater than the pleasure.

Don’t forget that zinc fumes are very well absorbed by food that you will cook on a self-made grill of galvanized pipes which can be harmful to health. It is especially dangerous if you often organize such barbecue parties.

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Galvanized bucket

A galvanized bucket is used not only as an irreplaceable household item but also as a base for fire pits. A galvanized bucket of heavy metals is very strong and long-lasting. It is also stable to corrosion and withstand high temperatures.

Galvanized buckets are much cheaper than buckets of other materials and are made in varieties.

To prepare a galvanized bucket fire pit, follow fire regulations. Set up your galvanized bucket fire pit at least 10 feet away from buildings or trees. Place strong bricks around the perimeter of the galvanized bucket to provide structural stability and insulation from intense heat.

For long-term use of a galvanized bucket fire pit, regularly clean the bucket of garbage and ashes with a brush. Don’t leave a galvanized bucket fire pit unattended and always extinguish the fire after use.

Galvanized tub

A galvanized tub fire pit is used in the same way as a galvanized bucket fire pit. However, you’d be more careful with a tub fire pit. Remember: it takes up much more space and can cause much more damage.

Learn local regulations and safety rules if they allow such a fire pit. And also carefully choose a fireplace away from buildings. Clean the tub well from paint or dirt. Prepare sand, water, or a fire extinguisher in advance for quickly extinguishing the fire, and only then light the fire pit.

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Galvanized fire ring

A galvanized fire ring is an excellent choice for a fire pit. It can withstand fire. The heavy-duty steel of a galvanized fire ring is more durable than other materials and serves for years. It has good corrosion-resistant features. It’s not a forever galvanized steel fire pit of course but long-lasting enough.

Besides, a galvanized fire ring is made of different sizes and shapes. This fire pit is pretty safe and doesn’t need much space.

In case you are not going to use a galvanized fire ring for some time, cover the fire pit with any solid covering materials for added protection and prolonged use service.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, nickel, and chromium, extremely durable and rust and corrosion-resistant due to the complex manufacturing process.

So, stainless steel is the best metal in general and for a fire pit in particular. It is the most expensive but has so many advantages that you won’t be disappointed.

Stainless steel is a poor conductor of electricity, has a high melting point (2,250-2,790°F), impressive hardness, and corrosion resistance, and lasts really long.

A stainless fire ring is the best alternative for a fire pit. The stainless fire ring isn’t exposed to heat, portable, good-looking, and safe. Unlike any inexpensive metal fire pit, stainless metal is really suitable both for heating and cooking purposes.

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Galvanized steel versus stainless steel

So, which material is better for a fire pit: galvanized metal or stainless?

Dishes, buckets, tubs, pipes, frames, etc. are made from both kinds of steel metals. However, galvanized steel is inferior in quality and durability. Zinc coating actively reacts with acid, and stainless doesn’t react to an acidic environment. Stainless is resistant to rust and the galvanized material is damaged under mechanical influence and begins rusting.

In addition, stainless doesn’t have a dangerous zinc coating which means it is absolutely safe both for heating and cooking.

Thus, a stainless fire pit is preferable to a fire pit of other metals. Risk is less and safety is more.


To make a fire at home, cook delicious barbecue meat, and sit with the closest people is the best time to spend. But be careful, protect yourself and your loved ones choosing only the best materials for a fire pit.

Not a big deal to use a handy galvanized bucket for a fire pit or purchase a fire ring of steel metal that isn’t exposed to rusting and is easy to use. You can do everything! Just remember the rules and the consequences of your actions!

Last but not least – if galvanized steel or other material is OK for a fire pit, then stainless is much better.

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