Is the Tungsten carbide sword good?

There are swords made from numerous materials, but in this article, we are going to discuss swords made out of tungsten. Some individuals may not believe a sword blade can be made from tungsten, whereas some claim there’s truth in it.

However, the fact is, swords can be made from tungsten but it would be too weighty and brittle. For this reason, due to the poor adaptability of the tungsten, it wouldn’t make an outstanding sword.

But that, tungsten is unimaginably difficult to produce, which makes things more complex. Furthermore, we will understand the difference between pure tungsten and tungsten carbide, and a few viable bits of counsel if you choose on attempting it.

Let’s get into the article!

tungsten carbide sword

What is tungsten?

Tungsten like steel is metal. In the event that you ask about a metallurgy professional, they will tell you there’s no such thing as a pure tungsten sword.

Reason being that a normal blacksmith would not create a sword out of tungsten only by itself.

Because it would somewhat be brittle. For this reason, tungsten alloys are continuously made by blending tungsten with other metals. It’s solid sufficient to battle with, but as it were for a couple of sword battles.

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What can tungsten swords be used for?

A tungsten sword surely has its position. If you find your hands on a tungsten sword, there are a few utilizations that you simply can discover for it.

Short decorative piece

Tungsten is additionally a metal that’s inclined to corrosion. On the off chance that you like a sword that is a decorative piece to appear to other individuals, you may need it to be durable. However, this won’t be the case with the tungsten sword.

So it is conceivable to illustrate that you simply can make a tungsten sword, but it won’t give you long-lasting characteristics.


The tungsten material can be exceptionally harmful if it gets into the human body. It’ll cause enough bacteria, resulting in a high disease rate.

Of course, we don’t prescribe cutting anybody, but if it was utilized in history, this is the only excellent quality over steel.

Melee fights

You’ll be able to use it as an ordinary sword, but it would be much more weighty. So be equipped for the training of your life, particularly for your right or left arm.

If you need to create some regular strikes with the tungsten sword, it may result in over-tiring or straining your hand on the go.

You can, of course, utilize it in a melee LARP battle and indeed go against another sort of steel sword. But after one or two battles, it’ll most likely shatter.

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How is the tungsten sword constructed?

Blacksmiths with tungsten encounters would usually say this is a thinking exploration or an unrealistic task since it wouldn’t be conceivable to form a sword out of tungsten.

This is a metal with one of the highest melting points.

With a hammer and anvil, it’s nearly incomprehensible to shape a tungsten sword. Its brittleness makes it exceptionally difficult to create.

One might consider putting a second tungsten edge on a steel sword, but there’s no cause for that. Tungsten is a heavy sword and costly.

Tungsten sword vs steel sword

Steel is an ideal material that greatly works when making and using a sword. It is light, can twist greatly, and provides very effective capacities that cannot merely happen with a tungsten sword.

Stainless steel is the leading sort of steel for your sword. As for the tungsten sword, it is very delicate and breaks easily. It wouldn’t last longer than a portion of the glass.

It would moreover be very weighty and likely difficult to utilize accurately, which may result in harm.

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Can I get tungsten swords?

On the off chance that you need to possess the tungsten sword just to have and claim one, you may go ahead. But in case you need a sword that will be compelling for use and maintained for the longest time, we wouldn’t suggest obtaining one.

Not only do these swords come at a high cost, but they will be futile. You won’t be able to use it due to its weight.

You wouldn’t be able to put it as an embellishing piece on the wall due to its quick corrosion.

On the off chance that you utilize it a few times, it’s likely to break. In all, owning a tungsten sword isn’t prudent for a sword enthusiast. Because the sword enthusiast may not find it compelling to use.

Is tungsten good for swords?

Tungsten good no doubt. Pure tungsten is a thick dim metal with a very high melting point of 6191.6°F. It is additionally known for its great erosion resistance. The toughness of tungsten is very comparable to solidified steel or emerald.

When we say tungsten, we, therefore, mean the tungsten carbide, its alloying elements.

Tungsten carbide is a compound of tungsten combined with carbon. It is eminent within the industry for its very high melting point, quality, and maximum strength.

Tungsten carbide is regularly utilized in applications that require impressive effect or wear resistance, such as cutters, abrasives, dies, and punches.

Ordinarily, tungsten carbide comprises roughly 85% tungsten and 15% carbon. Nickel or cobalt is too as a rule included.

Since carbon substance somewhat diminishes its brittleness, it makes it less demanding to work with. Cobalt or nickel performs as a binder, holding everything together and making it conceivable to work with.

Don’t disregard almost the weight of tungsten carbide. To be specific, tungsten weighs twice more as steel.

A cutting sword has got to be flexible to withstand the precise force that’s included in cutting. So, attempting to make a sword out of would be a great work in which you’d attempt to do the best out of a bad material.

So, in case you have got two swords of the same measure where one is made of steel and the other one from tungsten, the tungsten will be much heavier. Having a weighty sword like that is not so viable.

If a sword is produced out of tungsten, you may never sharpen its blade as you’ve got to utilize an uncommon strategy or diamond powder to sharpen it.

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Features of tungsten sword

A tungsten sword has an identical look to a regular functional sword. The difference is evident being that the tungsten material has a darker color.

Size and length

A tungsten sword can be produced of the same length as other swords.

But, the method of making the length can be much harder.

On the off chance that a broadsword is about 3.2 feet / 100 cm long and you would like to create it from tungsten, it can be the same measure and length as the original material.

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The tungsten sword is very weighty. Tungsten material is an ideal material, and when combined with steel gets a really hard sword.

The tungsten sword weigh 4.4 to 5.5 pounds / 2 to 2.5 kg.

Pros and cons of tungsten carbide sword

  • Extremely hard
  • Super sharp
  • Very brittle
  • Bad edge retention
  • Heavy
  • Not Flexible
  • Not suitable for cutting hard materials

Question & Answer

Is tungsten carbide good for swords?

Tungsten carbide is regularly utilized in cutters, abrasives die, and punches that have to be safe to wear or impact.

Even the best alloys are almost twice as brittle as any steel utilized to create swords nowadays. Typically not reasonable for a sword

Can a sword be made of tungsten?

Tungsten might be utilized to form a sword’s blade, but it would be as well weighty and break easily.

Tungsten is also difficult to work and construct with, making it indeed more troublesome. Tungsten will make the sword too weighty and brittle to be functional.

What is the strongest sword metal?

The most grounded metal to fashion a sword is a tungsten, but it’ll be truly troublesome to produce a sword made out of this metal.

Realistically, the strongest metal you’ll manufacture a sword with is extremely high-carbon steel.

Does tungsten make a good blade?

Tungsten carbide has been utilized in industrial cutting applications for about a century.

In this setting, where cuts are controllable and repeatable, its toughness and wear resistance permit it to outclass steel instruments, cutting speedier and remaining a much better surface completed on machined parts.


Tungsten can be utilized to create a sword, but it wouldn’t be really valuable, so you’ll consider it unreasonable. In case you need to get a high-quality sword, use a stainless steel sword.

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